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Alps & Mediterranean Group SA (AMG SA)

AMG SA is knowledge driven executive agency based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We design, manage, and execute complex projects for our clients worldwide.

Our key principles are integrity, efficiency, and performance. No matter of complexity of the projects and programs entrusted by clients we seek to deliver against the KPIs led by these three principles.

Our Values.

We make brilliant ideas come to light and inspire millions around the world to excel and become best version of themselves. We deliver for our clients projects with integrity, efficiency and performance, and project them forward to their consumers and their communities.


We set our clients’ values, interests, and priorities first. Setting a client first mentality our employees reflect and execute with client interests first, making sure integrity of the project and its objectives are kept. For this reason, clients consider us their inhouse execution arm that can be trusted to carry the most sensitive projects.


We value both time and resources that our clients invest, and we focus on making that investment be the most efficient. Using technology and processes that save time and human resources, we tend to be first to cross the finish line. Understanding the complexity of digitalisation and society we always look to find new ways to apply resources and we tend to streamline workflow to get to results wanted.


With the high-performance mindset of AMG SA team, we set the KPIs that would bring our client confidence and have competitive edge. Taking projects forward quickly builds confidence and moves the mindset of your employees. Our clients usually have brilliant teams, that need outside assistance and inspiration to project themselves forward from the usual setting. Our task is not only to deliver but also to inspire your team to deliver more.

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